Shifting from prove to improve: Transitioning to an impact-oriented learning and reporting approach

Innoweave recently realized that some of our systems may not be contributing to a healthy evaluation environment for our grantees, and we’d like to make some adaptations to address this.

While taking part in a workshop led by InWithForward, we explored the role ethnographic evaluation tools can play in helping community sector organizations learn from their clients and improve the impact of their services. InWithForward is a leading national expert and practitioner in this field. Content was shared that outlined how this highly beneficial technique is often overlooked or not prioritized over the more traditional forms of evaluation that organizations feel their funders want (whether the funders realize this or not).

When it comes to driving impact, outcomes, learning, and improvements in the community sector, it has become increasingly clear that funders have a critical role to play. But many actors in the funding environment—both grantmakers and grantees alike—have created systems that may inadvertently entrench stagnation and repetition over innovation and growth.

Given that many of the evaluation efforts taking place in the community sector are driven by the needs of funders, as grantmakers, we have a huge opportunity to shift how our grantees evaluate the work we support. Indeed, many funders and community sector organizations are already leading the way and doing this with great success.

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Launch of the Online Portal for the Social Enterprise Stream

For those organizations that are interested in applying for this round of the Social Enterprise stream, the new online portal has now launched! You can go and register today. Once your registration has been processed, you will be able to access and complete the Expression of Interest form.

Please follow the following steps:

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NEW for 2019: Refreshing the Innoweave platform

Exciting updates throughout next year

New timing for Innoweave Coaching applications

In 2019, Innoweave will be working to make its application process more flexible and responsive.

Over the last six years, we have had two annual intakes, but we’ve heard from groups we’ve supported and coaches that our due dates could fit more effectively with organizations’ working schedules. In 2019, we’ll be experimenting with some adjusted timing, and adding an additional intake.

In 2019, Innoweave will have the following deadlines:

Expression of Interest deadlines:
11:59pm PT on
(or the first working day following)…
Application deadlines:
11:59pm PT on
(or the first working day following)…
December 15 February 1
April 15 June 1
August 15 October 1


Community organizations and collectives may become eligible to apply by submitting an Expression of Interest on any stream (and being cleared by Innoweave for a full application), or by completing one of Innoweave’s fall workshops.
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